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Project Owner support


Project Owner support

Project Owner support entails assisting by providing advice to customers who already have in place a Project Management team or who do not need a comprehensive Project Management contract.
Through this type of intervention, we put ourselves as close as possible to the client’s needs, and we provide tailor-made advice, addressing problems that can be technical, contractual or economic.


  • Global project management
  • Work support package
  • Occasional Consulting

Different options

Global project management

Entrusted by the Contracting Authority to manage all the participants of the project, including the architect, the project manager, the different engineering and design offices, the control office, we organize the global progress of the project while representing the Contracting Authority to these different trade bodies.

Work support package

When carrying out operations that do not require project management per se, we offer a work support package in which we provide sound advice to our clients who remain quite involved in the realization of their project.

Occasional Consulting

Similar to a law firm, we work on a given issue, related to a project, in order to guide our clients towards the most suitable solution.

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