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According to the projects and the needs of our customers, architects, promoters, or investors, we are often solicited, for this specific mission, which consists in establishing tender documents of the companies made up of specifications , measurements as well as the whole of the administrative parts constituting the work contracts.

We also organize the invitations to tender, establish the comparative tables and provide our customers with a precise analysis of the prices, which makes it possible to guarantee the right price of the work contracts, and to block the budgets on the eve of the starting of the building site.


  • Drafting projects technical specifications
  • Establishment of quantity survey
  • Drafting of administrative documents for works contract
  • Expertise in construction costs

Different tasks

Drafting projects technical specifications

The mastery of the construction standards, of each trade, leads us to write precise specifications, containing a section on the applicable standards, then a second section on the details of the work to be carried out, task by task, lot by lot. We keep a permanent watch, with different suppliers of different trades, allowing us to prescribe the most suitable products for each situation.

Establishment of quantity survey

The establishment of the measurements, makes it possible to control the costings carried out by the companies and to guarantee a single base of work, which will be used to establish comparative tables of the estimates received during the consultations.

Drafting of administrative documents for works contract

A very important step in a project, which consists in legally securing the project owner, with the setting up of a contractual framework for the site.

Expertise in construction costs

We have an extensive and constantly updated database of construction costs for each job of each trade body. These data are used to establish our comparative tables, to estimate the costs of the work and to guarantee the right price to our clients. It is often said that this phase not only allows our clients to amortize the cost of the project management fees on their project, but also to save on cost that would not be possible without our assistance.

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