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Within the framework of real estate purchases, renovations, or simply for real estate managers, we intervene to appraise properties, to establish a detailed technical state and to bring solutions to abnormalities encountered on buildings.


  • Appraisals before purchase
  • Technical expertise

Different expertises

Appraisals before purchase

Traditionally, Northern European countries call upon an expert to draft a complete technical report on the property they wish to buy. This step is decisive for the sale of the property because it reassures the buyer as he receives a precise assessment of the state of the property, the works that need to be done, and the seriousness of the problematic points. For the vendor and his real estate agency, the establishment of this expertise prior to the sale, can ensure the quality of the property sold and facilitate the transaction.

Technical expertise

We are regularly requested by co-ownership syndicates, property managers or real estate companies to establish diagnoses, when problems appear on existing buildings. Within the framework of this mission, we carry out the necessary investigations to understand the abnormalities noted, and we propose quantified solutions in order to fix them. At the end of this report, the owner will have all the necessary elements to make a decision on the follow-up to the problem.

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