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Project management


Project management

With strong local roots, our teams perfectly master the construction techniques of the region and will know how to get the best out of the network of companies and design offices.
Indeed, thanks to the recurrence of projects, to the multiplicity of customers and to the trust acquired over the years, we have been able to reach a level of influence and respectability in the construction industry as well as a high level of satisfaction of our customers.


  • Monitoring the Schedule
  • Respect of the budgets
  • Guarantee of the quality

Different commitments

Monitoring the Schedule

The respect of the execution of the work schedule is one of the main expectations of our clients. The complexity of a construction site, and the multiplication of participants, often cause irrecoverable delays, generating tensions. Our expertise and our knowledge in the field of construction, enables us to anticipate these challenges, to solicit the right interlocutors at the right time, to organize accurately the site and to schedule the tasks in order to meet the deadlines. Updates of the schedule are regularly made and transmitted to the project owner for his internal organization.

Respect of the budgets

This point is paramount. If dysfunctional, it could question the whole project. We are the guarantors of the work budget and we deploy all our technical expertise to respect the allocated budget. To ensure this, we use several methods, such as monthly financial tables, monitoring of work situations, amendments and DGD. We also have an important price database, that continues to grow with each project and which is updated quarterly from the construction costs. Also, our very good knowledge of the local business fabric enables us to know the quotations of these companies at a given moment, and to consult the right interlocutor at the right time, to benefit from the best prices.

Guarantee of the quality

The final user of the project expects from the whole construction team, a work in conformity with the standards in force and a perfect finish of the works. Thus, we encourage the operational teams to increase the quality of the works carried out, by using lists of pre-finishings, by planning the receptions of supports upstream of work realization as well as the monitoring and managing the reservations, until the total lifting of the latter. Our teams are particularly aware of this subject.

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