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Feasibility studies


Feasibility studies

We are regularly solicited, at the genesis of projects, for pre-costing of construction costs, for advice on setting up operations, or to validate the balance sheets of real estate operations.
Our combined expertise in the field of real estate and construction, and our experience in different types of projects, allows us to meet the needs of our clients and to provide sound advice.


  • Assistance in setting up the operation
  • Pre-costing
  • Project optimization

Different stages

Assistance in setting up the operation

We participate with landowners, land developers, architects and investors in the setting up of projects. Indeed, we are able to study the building potential of a plot of land, built or not, and to establish an economic balance sheet to study the viability of a project.


To confirm the operations balance sheets, before filing for a Construction Permit, or obtaining bank financing, we regularly provide the works pre-costing. These costs are divided by trades according to the envisaged project. They take into account the context in force and they are updated every quarter from our price basis.

Project optimization

Some projects do not seem viable (or not very) a priori. We bring our technical expertise by analyzing certain files which after certain optimizations, become profitable real estate operations.

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